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Sometimes making a cocktail from scratch is just too much. That's why we have done it for you. Inspired by vintage cocktails like a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned, this cocktail is old world bartending in a bottle. 

This Whisky cocktail is the perfect balance of a heavily oaked whisky with subtle citrus and smoky notes. Best of all - it's ready to go!

Made from a three year old whisky that has matured in ex-bourbon barrels that gave the spirit the classic bourbon flavours of dusty oak. Only a few select barrels were used to create this limited release. 

It also has been infused with cherry and orange. It is lightly sweetened, but without obscuring the strong whisky notes from carrying through. 

Serve over ice or straight with smoke, perhaps from a burnt cinnamon quill. It is also delicious with a small dash of soda or ginger ale.

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