Whisky Private Cask

Attention whisky lovers!

We are offering our first ever opportunity to purchase your own cask of whisky! Whether you want your very own whisky to keep, drink, or share, you can contact us to get the process started. We have some high-quality ex Pedro Ximenez barrels ready here at the distillery and we can either fill your cask with new make single malt spirit, or you can choose to have us fill the cask with already aged whisky. 

You are welcome to be present for the filling of your barrel, and to check up on it whenever you’d like (by appointment). We can store you barrel here at the distillery – storage and insurance are included in the barrel price – but if you would like to undertake this in your bar or similar space, you are most welcome to. Strength will be determined by you. 

• Filling of the barrel with our new make single malt spirit.

• Storage and insurance of your barrel in the distillery for up to 3 years. You can store it with us for more than that, but an extra fee will be incurred.

• The barrel itself – you can keep this as a collector’s item, or you have the option to refill it.

• Bottling and labeling costs. You are welcome to assist in the bottling of your whisky.

• Visits to the distillery to witness the filling of your barrel and check up on it – we recommend you only open your barrel once or twice a year.

• Ownership certificate

• The design and printing of labels (we can give you contact details of the graphic designer that we use, as well as a printer). When it comes a time, we will provide you with a checklist of what must be included on the label by law, and what is required for printing.

• Excise duty. Excise is calculated by the alcohol by volume of the product and must be paid before the product leaves the distillery. It changes twice yearly; you will need to pay the rate that is current at your time of payment. For example, as of June 2022, 100L of whisky at 47% ABV would come to $4266 and 100L of Whisky at 63% ABV would come to $5719.




While we will fill your barrel with the stated amount of spirit, there is an “angel share” included in that. Expect the angel share to be around 20%. Your final volume of whisky may vary depending on the angle share, and therefore your amount of bottles and excise payable will change.  

For example a 100L barrel will give roughly 80L of whisky at approx. 63%. Depending on your final choice of ABV (Typically around 45%) you would expect approx. 220 bottles. 

Please contact info@thecanberradistillery.com.au for more information and to express interest in purchasing a barrel