Tim has spent much of his adult life engaged in high-level economic analysis with one foot usually in the door of Parliament House.

But his heart belongs in a distillery, boiling, flocking, experimenting and tasting the myriad possibilities of spirits.

You will taste a little bit of his passion with each bottle produced by his boutique distillery – usually the result of months of careful work and with a focus on a range of magnificent gins to match every season and occasion.

The quote is applicable in more ways than one.

The first alcohol from the still is called the heads.  It’s undrinkable. The higher boiling temperature alcohols are called the tails. These have a bitter taste. 

Hidden in the middle of these lesser alcohols are the "hearts". These hearts are the sweet alcohols. 

The Canberra Distillery only uses the heart from each distillate to create its range of award-winning spirits. You’ll appreciate this heart from the very first sip.