Cocktail Recipes

Barrel of Caramel

Ingredients & Method

• 60ml Canberra Distillery
• Bourbon Cask Whisky
• 30ml Canberra Distillery Vodka
• 100ml cream
• 100g Caramilk chocolate + a little extra, finely chopped
• Ice
• Dulce de leche (caramel) for garnishing 

☛ Place the cream on a low heat to warm but not boil. Add most of the chocolate, reserving the small amount that’s been finely chopped for garnish. Turn off the heat and stir, allowing the chocolate to melt gently. Allow mixture to cool. 

In a shaker add plenty of ice, Whisky and Vodka. Pour in the cooled cream mixture and shake. 

To decorate the glasses, coat the rim in dulce de leche and coat with finely chopped Caramilk chocolate. Use a funnel to pour the drink into the glass neatly. Serve immediately with optional Easter eggs.  

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