Just Walk IN

Yes, you read that right—no need to book a tour or wait for an invitation if you are a small group of up to 6 people. Swing by anytime*, surprise us! It’s absolutely free. Whether you're solo, with family, or rounding up friends—step into the heart of a local distillery and experience spirited craftsmanship right here in Canberra.

* Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-3PM; Saturday, 10AM-4PM; Sunday, closed.

Indulge in flavorful spirits

With over 20 unique options to choose from, there's something to tantalize every taste bud: gins, vodka, liqueurs, whisky & rum.

Uncover the art of distillation

We're passionate about our craft and eager to share our knowledge with you. Explore our processes, equipment, and feel free to pepper us with questions.

Take home a piece of Canberra

Don't forget to snag a bottle (or two) of our smooth and balanced creations as a memento of your visit. Our cellar door is stocked and ready for you.

Your journey into The Canberra Distillery awaits—come on in!

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Psst! For the planners among us

Prefer to have things set in stone? We've got you covered with private experiences. Dive into the world of Gin & Tonic or explore Spirits & Chocolate pairings. Learn more about our exclusive offerings here.

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