A Day With a Cooper

Life at the distillery is a barrel of laughs… until one of your barrels splits and needs to be fixed! Luckily, we were able to spend a day getting some of our barrels re-coopered at Lerida Estate on Lake George. Watching this historical craft firsthand was fascinating. It’s intriguing the way wood can seem so hard but be bent with heat. Our team spent a wonderful morning at Lerida watching Pierre work and chatting to the team. We love being able to work together with other Canberra region businesses.

Pierre Marconnet trained at one of the best coopering schools in France and has a business across a few wine regions of Australia as a travelling cooper. Check out his Instagram @pierr.oak ! We connected with Pierre through our Head of Production, Leo (both pictured above). Leo and Pierre met during their time as winemakers and it’s great to see them working together in a different capacity.

We also had Pierre the fantastic cooper cast his eye over our brave smaller barrels all of which had very small leaks in them. These three little barrels are getting ready to be someone’s Christmas present. Pierre was able to give them the TLC they needed and now they are being prepared to be someone’s Christmas Present! We’ll fill them with a nice, already aged Whisky making it the perfect Christmas present for someone very special to you. Let us know via email if you are interested in these 50L barrels.

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