Tangelo Day

On Saturday August 5th, we hosted our first annual Tangelo Day and we had an absolute blast!

Each year we only receive Tangelos once, and to be able to use this in our gin all year round, we peel over a hundred tangelos - all supplied by Ziggy's Fresh. This year it was around 150 of the fruit – which are a hybrid of a tangerine (mandarin) and a grapefruit-like pomelo.

We wanted to share this moment with our awesome community - and we had so many of you join us in peeling this essential botanical. We had a great time with all of our wonderful new distillery assistants who learned all about the tangelos and how to peel them just right!


Tim challenged everyone to beat him at doing the longest piece and was very proud of his efforts!

Even OG tangelo peeler Thomas showed up to lend a hand and share his expertise. Back in the garage days of the distillery, all tangelos would have been peeled by Thomas. We are very grateful that he came back to help out and for all the work he did to get us started!

We had nibbles provided by the Lazy Grazer and we mixed up a tangelo Gin and tonic for everyone to try.

To make a delicious Tangelo G&T, make a G&T with 30ml The Canberra Distillery Gin and 60ml light tonic and add 20ml of concentrated tangelo juice. Garnish with citrus of your choice!


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